Pen Drives – Different Storage Capacities For Various Purposes

Over the years, IT companies have been developing and designing various products such as equipment and gadgets to enhance certain functions. Therefore, people are able to perform tasks faster and transfer data or other important information efficiently. For instance imagine that you’re working on a college assignment. You are supposed to take your work to college daily. Imagine having to carry heavy bundles of hard copies or having to carry many textbooks. On the other hand, if you were working in a company, you would be dealing with large volumes of documents of clients or company files. Hence, it would be frustrating to carry these paper files from one department to another, when needed.

As a fact, it would be best to use an external storage device to make life easier. In fact, at present, there are many types that are available today. After CDs, DVDs and floppy disks, pen drives came into use. There was a huge demand in the market, when this gadget was released for purchase. Moreover, these devices are still in demand, even when better storage items are available. It’s unique features such as size and capacities have still caught the customers’ attention and choice. Given that, here are some common capacities of it that people purchase:

• Limited MB

As mentioned above, there are many flash drives available in various capacities. In fact, there are some that are designed with limited storing features such as MB. For instance there are from little as 100/128MB to 500 MB units. If you’re studying in school or don’t work with huge amounts of files, it would be suitable to buy this instead others such as USB flash drive 16 GB, 128GB, etc.

• 4GB / 8GB

On the other hand, these are the most commonly purchased drives among majorities for both individual and business purposes. You could save many documents, files, images, etc. However, if you wish to save video clips or large size audio clips, these wouldn’t be enough.

• 16 GB /32GB

Alternatively, you might be working in an area that deals with audio or video files and other related documents. Therefore, it’s best to buy a USB flash drive 16 GB, 32GB and more, instead of those mentioned above. As a fact, you could save them and transfer it to another system, when required. These are mostly used in businesses, academic settings and so on.

Flash drives are so convenient to use that, only requires an individual to plug it in to a USB port. Afterwards, you could transfer any amount of information and data to and from a laptop, PC, tablet and so on. Hence, if you’re in the market for this item, make it a point to research about its features and capacities available.